Newark Liberty International Airport
Between dealing with traffic on the way up the Parkway and Turnpike and then figuring out where you want to park and what shuttle you need to get on,  no one wants to drive to the airport.  Let Leon’s get you up there and avoid the stress of the drive and parking.  We’ll drop you off right in front of your airline and pick you up just outside of baggage when you get back.

Minivan up to 4 people – $125

Large van up to 10 people $175

Atlantic City International Airport
Flying to Florida or Myrtle Beach, SC to escape one of NJ’s brutal winters? Spirit Airlines is a great option to do so but if you’re not really knows how to get to Atlantic City International it can be pretty daunting. Leon’s can get you down there anytime. Whether you’re taking the 6:00 am flight to Ft Myers or coming back around 2:30 am after a lengthy delay, we can accommodate any of your plans.

Minivan up to 4 people – $150

Large van up to 10 people $175

JFK International Airport
Driving into New York is never fun, cheap, or easy. Driving down the Belt Parkway to get to JFK international Airport is probably the worst thing ever. The only thing that is worse is having to deal with and pay for parking once you’re out there. Leon’s can get you and as many bags as you might need to travel with to JFK anytime of the night or day. We’re great at getting through Staten Island, sliding across the Verrazano, and navigating down the Belt so you can get away for your vacation or business trip.

Minivan up to 4 people – $300

Large Van up to 10 people $400

Philadelphia International Airport
If you’re flying out of the country Philadelphia International Airport is a great place to leave from.  It services just as many destinations as the New York area airports but it’s really less of a hassle to get to and a lot of the time quite a bit cheaper to travel from as well. Let Leon’s whisk you away through the city of brotherly love and to their airport for whatever travel need you may have.

Minivan up to 4 people – $200

Large Van up to 10 people $250